Henry, the monkey, He was born in India and was adopted by Joanne.He knows how to make the girls laugh with his charm and flirtatious nature. Our store is a happier place with him and his unpredictable mischief around.

Joanne 'the Boss' Tatem - OWNER

After entertaining the world through song and dance, Joanne settled in Las Vegas bringing her New York City attitude and now channels her creative energy into interior design. She takes pride in offering Las Vegas an urban yet chic retail environment that the city was so lacking. Just in case you didn't notice, she loves animals and beautiful unique finds for the store. Whether you are a fellow designer or a home owner, Joanne will take great care of you.

Mickey Tatem - MOM

Missing her sass and spunk every day.  Mickey will live forever within our hearts. 

Elana Appleyard - MANAGER

Our resident optimist. She was raised in Southern California, though she might tell you she was raised at Disneyland. She moved to Las Vegas in 1990 and has since married and had two beautiful daughters. She spends a good portion of her day up in her ivory tower using her excellent problem-solving and organizational skills to keep Joanne's creativity flowing without a hitch. Elana develops personal relationships with all of are customers and vendors and is one of the reasons our store is as successful as it is.


Leslie is passionate about crafting and design. Whether it's at Urban Chic, she is always looking for her next project. She has a talent for order and organization which come in handy around here. Not many people know this but, she is also a talented manicurist and loves to do nails in her spare time.


A southern California girl at heart but moved with her family to Las Vegas in 2002. She stays busy raising three sons and spends her recreational time teaching and performing as a ballroom dancer. She loves working in this beautiful and creative atmosphere and engaging with clients to assist them in reaching their goals. She's happiest wearing heels, eating mexican food and planning exciting getaways.


Originally from Cincinnati, OH he received a Bachelor of Music in Opera from Miami University of Oxford, OH. After that he traveled the world performing and finally landed in Las Vegas which he now calls home.  He has performed in various venues in the Vegas Valley but he also uses his talents as a director, choreographer and producer.  Working with Urban Chic is another extension of his creative side.


 Sherri Teller- SALES

A transplant from Milwaukee, for the past 22 years, Sherri moved to Las Vegas and became a stay at home mom. She is raising two wonderful kids. Sherri is new to the Urban Chic family and is looking forward to exploring and bringing out her creative side.

Gus 'Big G' Tatem - SECURITY

When Gus is not keeping watch for security threats at Urban Chic, he helps Joanne with paperwork and tests the inventory for comfort. In his spare time he relaxes at home and picks up bitches at Doga (dog yoga) class. Don't be threatened by his brawny demeanor or fierce snaggletooth, deep down Gus has a heart of gold. Now it's time for you to get off the couch and come see us at Urban Chic . . . and don't forget your leash!